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There 1,78 billion gamers in the world and with that being said. There aren't any social platform specific for gamers, which is a lost opportunity for business and consumer perspective. Game is the biggest entertainment industry at this moment and generate more income than all movies & Music industry combine. My mission for this company is to build one platform where all gamers all over the world can interact with each other. Gaming community get bigger and bigger, but it's also very important that gamers stay connected and being social with others.

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Believe in your vision (Check this video below!)

Believe in your vision and┬ámake it truth one day  

My first blog post

This is my first┬átime working with wordpress, and I’m really excited. Please don’t judge me, because I’m still an noob and this website is not fully professional / commercial use ready yet… it’s part of mine school assignment. I’m a economics & marketing student at Fontys University of applied science…